Nursing Course (Pre-Conference)

Best Practice to Reduce the Pediatric Medical Device Pressure Injury Workshop

Date:  Saturday 28 November 2020

Dr. Bakriah Mohammad

Nursing Clinical Practice & Research Unit Coordinator & Wound Management Nurse


 At the end of this Workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define a pediatric pressure injury that has developed from a medical device
  • Describe the etiology and pathophysiology of pediatric medical device pressure injury
  • Identify risk factors for pediatric medical device pressure injury development.
  • Explain the impact of pediatric medical device pressure injury on patients, careers, organizations and on the
  • Diagnose and classify pediatric medical device pressure
  • Describe the association between pediatric medical device pressure injury, quality of care, and patient
  • Recommend effective interventions to prevent pediatric medical device pressure injury and adapt the
  • Recommend effective interventions for local treatment of pediatric medical device pressure injury and adapt the interventions to specific patient populations and


 The workshop attracts Students and healthcare professionals from fields such as nursing, medicine, Respiratory therapy …etc.


King Abdulaziz University Hospital

Nursing Course (Pre-Conference)

Date:  Sunday 29 November 2020

Open Eyes on

Pediatric Oncology Nursing

Ms. Alla BaMohammed

Manger, Nursing education
Coordinator of Nursing pre-conference course

Course Aim

The purpose of this course is to train audience about the theoretical framework and the skills needed for the principles and practice of oncology pediatric nurses, which is necessary where the cases and the care become highly demand in our community.

Course Description

This will be to improve the nursing role in the delivery of care to the pediatric oncology patients and their family, which helps in both satisfaction for both patients/ parents and staff. In addition, it will be to build confident and competent level among nurses who provide care to such cases.


Specialized Pediatric/Pediatric Oncology Nurses
Registered nurses
Nursing Interns
Nursing Student

Course Objectives

At the completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Develop skills in critical thinking for different oncology cases and interpretation of the assessments.
  • Utilize evidence based practice for recent treatment modalities and the expected outcome
  • Discover the recent  on child health and the coordination of  palliative care with family
  • Enhance quality of delivery of care from nursing and nutritional prospective.


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